Principles of work


The customer is always right.

This means we need to look for solutions to the most complicated problems with the smallest possible budgets. This makes us develop. It does not always bring profit, but in the long-term perspective after a number of contingency situations it makes us stronger.


Quick Payment

What are the shipper’s needs? Quick Payment. We offer the shortest possible payment term, which makes working with us easy and comfortable. We do know the industry’s specifics and do not argue. Our main requirement is simple - timely CMR!


Cutting costs when possible

Many years ago we started introducing new software tools for faster and more cost effective information processing and we are constantly upgrading them. We are happy when we manage to reduce time input by 1 or 2 hours.


Live and let others enjoy life.

Our employees are people of flesh and blood with their strengths and weaknesses. We take advantage of their strong points and back up their shortcomings. Our employees’ salaries are higher than average. Many of them have revealed their potential with us, others have undergone a crisis and got a new lease of life.


Circulation of knowledge

Several years ago we started a training course in logistics. We share knowledge with people and thus open up new opportunities for them. We contribute to the development of the industry by providing free training.

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