Why Choose Us

Reliability and Responsibility

Eurologistics is the first company in the industry to introduce reliability rating system, a powerful information system that gives automatic cross-reference of the shippers’ current reliability rating and the cost and ‘liquidity’ of cargo.

The system prevents us from hiring unreliable shippers, verifies truck numbers and gives the alarm in case of contravention. The system is constantly estimating every shipper and gives the rating based on a number of criteria:

  • availability of the necessary documents and valid insurance policy,
  • fleet,
  • number of shipping operations,
  • quality of work.

We trust our partners and their professional competence - they will never let us or our customers down.

Innovation in Customs Clearance

The company has been working as a customs agent at Saint Petersburg, Baltic and Pskov Customs for several years. We introduce innovation to save time and effort on drafting customs declarations. Two years ago we developed and introduced new Specification software tool, which stores information about previously shipped cargo and uses it automatically in new shipments.

Specification tool helps to save time on drafting the second and further declarations, minimize the influence of human factor, ensures uniformity of declarations throughout the term of the services provision to the client and keeps records of the client’s cash balance at the customs.

The client can install customer version of the programme to keep a joint database. This gives them an opportunity of ‘setting free’ from the customs agent as it provides regular updates on customs nomenclature of their cargo and can chose the best agent to suit their needs.

Low Prices

You can get the lowest price when making shipping plans a month, a quarter or a year in advance. If the time schedule of vehicles supply is added we can guarantee the price lower than that of the shippers. This is possible due to long-term large shipping orders for vehicles with our subcontractors reserved in advance.

A Fixed Price

A fixed price fixing is the fondest dream of every customer. We offer a fixed price to our regular customers for the quarter, half-year period or even a year. This gives stability, an opportunity of long-term planning and minimizes price revision costs. It is very difficult to fix the price for the whole period and only large freight companies with considerable freight traffic can afford it.

Individual Approach to Customers

Eurologistics can offer you discounts for large shipping volumes and long-term cooperation.

Quick Response to the Market Requirements

Eurologistics professionals always stay tuned with the latest trends and improvements in the shipping industry and can offer new logistics solutions and delivery services.

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